Our Story so far

We have been championing and working with unpaid carers for over 30 years under a number of names as the charity grew and welcomed smaller charities into The Care Collective family. We are now, one of the largest charities in Wales, with around 170 colleagues, and we currently work across ten local authority areas in South Wales. Our catchment areas account for almost 50% of the total number of unpaid carers in the whole of Wales.

Our head office is based at the County Hospital in Griffithstown and we also run support hubs in Pontypool, Penarth, Bridgend and Porth.

Through our services, advice and support, our aim is that unpaid carers are looking after themselves, enjoying their lives, and achieving their goals, whilst helping a family member or friend to receive empowering care or support.

We take an original approach to supporting unpaid carers. Even in the face of ever-increasing demands and reducing resources, we rise to the challenge and think creatively about how we deliver our services.

Our non-traditional outlook and innovative mindset makes it easier for people to seek support. Our pursuit for new ways of working enables us to support more people and create deeper outcomes for them.

We’re incredibly proud of being a Welsh charity, but it’s absolutely essential for us that we help anyone that needs support. Irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender identity, economic status, or religion.


This is another reason our name includes the word ‘collective’, as we want to include everyone and achieve excellent outcomes through a collective approach with our colleagues and those we are working with.

We Will:

  • Be led by unpaid carers
  • Amplify voices
  • Build relationships
  • Share knowledge
  • Provide expertise
  • Stay at the forefront of social care
  • Act with warmth and understanding
Our Story so far


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