Emergency Help

If you need immediate help from the ambulance service, police of fire service, please call 999.

In the slightly longer term, you may also want to chat with your GP who may be able to signpost you for more help and assistance.  And you can, of course, get in contact with us at The Care Collective.

Need Immediate Help

Help From Your Local Authority

You can also call your local authority, many of whom have dedicated support for carers.  Simply use a search engine and include the local authority you are living within and the phrase ‘emergency duty team’.

While local authorities tend to work the traditional Monday – Friday, nine to five patterns, most, if not all, will have an out of hours number for those emergency situations that cannot wait until the office is next open.

The following organisations may also be able to help:

Click on each logo to link directly to their site.

Need Immediate Help

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