Need Help With Looking After Someone?

You can get a carer’s assessment whether the person you care for is having their needs assessed or not. The kind of help and support you could get includes:

  • Respite care, to give you a break
  • Information on local support groups
  • Help with caring
  • Equipment to help you in your caring role.

You may also be entitled to a ‘personal budget’, which is the amount of money the council has calculated will cover the support needs identified in your assessment.

This can be taken as a ‘direct payment’ and could help you maintain your interests outside of your caring responsibilities – for example, by covering membership of a club or an internet connection.

Paying for care services

We know not everyone is able to pay privately for care services, but some people are.

The Care Collective can offer a private care service with fully trained and qualified staff. We have a committed, passionate, and professional workforce who share our ethos of putting unpaid carers and their families at the heart of what we do.

More than that, as a charity it means you will benefit from receiving services from an ethical organisation, driven by our values and commitment to our clients.



Need Help With Looking After Someone?

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