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Covid sick pay for social care workers extended

The Care Collective has welcomed the news that the COVID-19 statutory sick pay enhancement scheme has been extended.

It provides funding for employers, such as The Care Collective, to pay workers at full pay for eligible absences. These absences need to be in line with current Welsh Government guidance to reduce the risk of transmission. Social care workers who receive occupational sick pay are not eligible for this scheme.

This removes the financial disadvantage to social care workers of staying away from work. This will also help protect our most vulnerable citizens.

The scheme has been extended until 31 August 2022.

More information can be found on the Welsh Government’s website.

This scheme provides financial support for social care workers who need to self-isolate or stay off work in line with current guidance on.

The Statutory sick pay enhancement scheme supports social care workers who:

  • only get Statutory Sick Pay(gov.uk) for absences outlined in this guidance, or:
  • who receive no income at all.