Resources for young carers

Need Immediate Help

There are a few different ways you can find immediate help if you are a young carer and need support. We are always here to help, you can find our contact information at the bottom of this page if you need our assistance.

Need Immediate Help

Help from Your Local Authority

You can also call your local authority local’s child duty team.

The best way to find the contact details for the child duty team in your area is to Google “Child duty team” followed by the local authority where you live.

For example, search “Child duty team Caerphilly”, if you live in Caerphilly.

While local authorities tend to work normal office hours, Monday to Friday, most will have an out-of-hours emergency number for those situations where support is needed when the offices are closed.

Emergency Help

If you need immediate help from the ambulance service, police, or fire service, please call 999.

If you’re getting stuck or just want some support to do this, we’ll be very happy to help. Just contact us at The Care Collective.

The following organisations may be able to help:

Click on each logo to link directly to their site.

Need Immediate Help

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