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Innovative Respite Grant for Unpaid Carers (Cardiff)

Are you an unpaid carer living in Cardiff?  If so, so we would like to let you know about a grant/award scheme that you may be eligible for.

If you would like to make an application to fund or partially fund a specific activity, then please complete the on-line form (see link below) and a panel will consider if we are able to help. Examples of what can be applied for are:

  • Short breaks or spa treatments
  • Equipment or materials for hobbies (art supplies/musical instruments/fishing equipment etc.)
  • Gym/virtual gym membership
  • Exercise equipment
  • National Trust/RSPB membership
  • Annual family membership card to a local attraction
  • Sport season ticket
  • On-line adult education courses
  • Subscriptions such as Netflix, Audible etc.

If you would like to apply, then please click the following link to access the on-line application form:


You will need to include evidence of the cost, such as a website link, an estimate, or detailed description.

This scheme is open to Cardiff residents aged 18 and over only. Awards/grants will be restricted to one per household and to a maximum of £300.00 and we may require receipts as evidence of expenditure. The on-line application form will be open until 31 August 2022, or when we reach the limit of the available funds, whichever is the sooner.

When we have received your application, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm if you have been successful. This may take several weeks for a response.

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